Who am I?

I am an expat wife who willingly follows her husband around the world, originally with our children, but now it is just the two of us. We have just arrived in Moscow.

My friends and family have often suggested that I write a blog about my adventures. Until now I have resisted. But here I am! I am not a writer and this blog will no doubt be full of grammatical errors and poor sentence structure but hopefully will be interesting, amusing and occasionally educational. I am an amateur and am doing this purely for fun and for friends and family but I welcome any readers that stumble across this and wish to follow my musings and meanderings.

I plan to write about about my life in Moscow, the mundane, the interesting and the surprising. Whilst living here we hope to do as much travel as possible in both Russia and the former Soviet republics and I will of course write about those trips too.

I hope you all enjoy my writings and you are welcome to comment on and question anything that I have written.

I have arrived! Red Square with the Kremlin and St Basils Cathedral

3 thoughts on “Who am I?

    1. Hello! The weather is surprising, disappointing (i’ve got all my warm weather clothing ready and waiting!) and concerning! Heading off to Baikal in a few days for a visit and it looks as if it is much warmer there than it should be too. How long have you been in Chelyabinsk? I see that you have also spent 3 years in Kharkiv – we spent 3 years in Kyiv.

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      1. Wow, Baikal! I hope you have a wonderful time there! This is our second year in Chelyabinsk. Last year it was decently cold… even had a brief period of -30C when some of the grade schools closed. But this year, nope. And everywhere you look right now is already slush and bare patches of dead grass.

        Kharkiv, yes, we loved that city!! Kyiv must have also been a cool place to explore. We only got to visit a few times but it always seemed so cosmopolitan and fancy. ๐Ÿ™‚ Like the red exterior of Shevchenko University and all those beautiful metro stations!


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